Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The video is of Apache who is just completing his molt.  Some shamas display a great deal but do not sing.  Others sing but do not display.  To perform at its best, a shama needs to be able to combine song with display and also have courage and stamina. Apache has all these qualities.

Moreover, Apache is able to pass his assets to his offspring. Examples of his outstanding male offspring are Cochise, Piston and Funkie.  In fact, his sons may be assessed as even better than their father.

Apache is getting on in years and for the forthcoming breeding season, I intend to concentrate on obtaining his chicks from several females in order to preserve his genes.

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  1. Hello Mr David,
    That is an outstanding bird!

    Recently, there is a bird offered for sale by a Singaporean breeder claiming that it is the grandson of Apache. I am doubtful of this breeder's claim as I do not believe that he owns any Apache's offsprings. I was told by others that Apache only have a handful of offsprings so far and they are all owned by your friends. Can you kindly advise?