Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Someone mentioned to me the other day that whilst there are several references to Flame on my blog, there is no video of him as an adult although there are photos and videos of his progeny.  I suppose the reason is that I have seldom kept him in a cage which is the preferred place for recording a video.  Flame has mostly been in the aviary where he has been used as a breeder resulting in him having many outstanding chicks, both male and female ( see e.g the latest photo of his female offspring DDS272 that I posted on 7 January).

By being constantly used as a breeder right up to the commencement of the molt, the tail feathers are often adversely affected, but this does not matter if the bird is intended as a breeder.

Flame has recently completed his molt and is coming into breeding condition.  The video below was recorded last night under artificial light.

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