Monday, March 9, 2015

Drumbeat and others

Most shamas that take part in a competition will show better form on their return home.  Even those shamas that were intimidated by the other birds at the competition and did not perform, will sing more for the 2 days after the competition.  Their return home to the familiar surroundings that is their territory will trigger their territorial instinct and they will sing to demarcate it.

However, the stresses of a competition can result in a molt outside the bird's annual molt.  Thus, after singing for 2 days, the excitement of the competition may wear off and the bird may sing less and less. Eventually, if its character is not sufficiently strong, or the competition has over stressed it because of its young age, the bird may suffer a "stress" or "false" molt.

Whilst Drumbeat had performed well in the competition on 1st March, I was concerned that he might have overstretched himself as he is so young. At home, I placed his cage in a quiet corner so that he could relax after the rigours of the competition.  Bear in mind that the competition lasted for a total of 2 1/2 hours i.e. preliminary rounds of 1 1/2 hours, 1/2 hour waiting period during which the cage is covered but the birds can hear and respond to the other birds, and a final round of 1/2 hour.

He sang well at home during the first 2 days though I could see that he was tired.  He did not sing less on the third day.  Instead, his form started to pick up.  The video below was recorded on the evening of the 5th day and shows Drumbeat at home.  When he jumps to the sides of the cage and then lands on the perch, it will be seen that he is light on his feet. Also, he continues to sing at the sides of the cage or on the floor though this is not well recorded in the video.

The video suggests that Drumbeat has recovered much of the form that he had on the day of the competition.  He seems to enjoy competition and he should have a great future as a competitor and subsequently as a breeder. This is the type of character that I have bred in my line of shamas and that I hope to continue to improve upon in all aspects.

Last Thursday, I transferred Drumroll from aviary to cage.  He is Drumbeat's brother from the same nest.  He has the same strong character as Drumbeat and may do well in competition.  His form is rising but much work remains if he is to compete.

Sting's form is also rising.  Here is a photo that I took on my handphone this morning.

Below is the video of Pretty Boy's son, Zico. He has recently completed his molt.  He is with Jeffrey.

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