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Sat, May 14, 2011
Subject: Re: Questions from Penang Shama Lover

Hi David

I studied and learnt from your blog and web since 2006, I would like to thank you as this is the most resourceful web regarding shama

In the past, I have kept 3 females but not success in breeding program.

In 2009, a friend gave me one hand-fed female. I paired her with one wild catch male 7’ tail, below are the results
·         1st nest in 2009 June, 4 eggs, one fertile, 3 unfertile, none of them hatched
·         2nd nest in 2010 Jan, built nest, but did not lay egg
·         3rd nest in 2010 Apr, built nest, but did not lay egg. In June, to simulate her, I ask one quail egg from pet shop, I put the quail egg in her nest, she sit and it hatched, my daughter is keeping the white color quail now

Introduced the same female with wild catch male 8.5”tail
·         4th nest in 2010 Oct 2nd, built nest 2nd day, laid one egg in Nov, unfertile
·         5th nest in 2011 Feb, built nest, seen the male courting, sit for 6 days, stop. The pair still in the outdoor aviary, stay peacefully, till to date, the nest still in the nest box. I have given them multi vitamin 3-4 times a week, daily with worms, crickets, 2-3 grass hopper, they did not like guppy

May I know should I separate them or let them continue in the aviary?

Is there anything else I can do?

Thanks in advance


Reply: Monday, May 16, 2011 8:58 AM
Subject: Re: Questions from Penang Shama Lover

If the pair  build their nest and there is then no eggs, it is likely that they may have destroyed and/or consumed the eggs.  The cause is stress caused by disturbance.  You need to see if this is so and take corrective action.

Infertile eggs is probably due to the male not being sufficiently fertile.  I feed my breeding birds a multi-vitamin 3 times a week, B-complex 4 times a week and an oil vitamin of A, D3 and E three times a week.

If there is a shortage of aviaries, I do not separate the pair after the breeding season.  Otherwise, I prefer to separate them.

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Thu, Jun 23, 2011
Hi David


I have visited several pharmacies unfortunately they don’t sell B complex in liquid form

On 27th May, bought one liquid B complex, however, the hen start sitting on 26th May, no chance to give her before she laid egg

I continue giving the pairs multi vitamins, B-complex every alternate day, no vitamin on every Monday

Egg did not hatch after 12 – 13 days, she stop sitting in day 23 (17 June). I have taken out the nest and found one egg. The egg was not in the middle of the nest, it was at the corner of the wooden nest.

I broke the egg, there was something inside, brown color, I believe chick died during sitting period

I have decided to change nest material. My worry is broom material too soft, egg might be pushed out from nest to the corner of the wooden box cause chick died during sitting period.

On 22nd June, I put nest material in aviary, the hen starts build nest. Nest was built around 15% due to she had selected soft nest material (broom), she had rejected the harder material (minor nest material).

23rd June, I found one egg on the ground near the nest material; I have moved the egg into the nest. I have put lot of soft nest material (broom), hope she continues to build the nest and start sitting tomorrow.



Fri, Jun 24, 2011

Nowadays I get most of my vitamins and supplements from  This is an internet retailer that carries hundreds of brands.  I and my friends have found it to be very reliable.  When ordering, the buyer has the option of choosing a fixed shipping method which allows him to pay only US$4.00 for air shipment of up to 3 lbs in weight.  The parcel will take about 2 weeks to arrive.  I usually choose faster delivery of about 3 days and pay approximately US$12.00 for about 3 lbs in weight.  

I think any of the liquid B vitamins will do.  I prefer Twinlab because it is viscous and sticks more easily to the insects.

I occasionally have problems with the eggs being laid in a small depression in the nest cavity or not in the main cavity itself.  This is more the fault of the female in the way she builds the nest than the nesting material.

An egg on the ground suggests that one of the parents removed it from the nest and is not a good sign.  The pair should be disturbed as little as possible.

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  1. Hello Shama Breeders

    Please can anyone tell mee:

    Is it okay to let 1,1 Shamas be together the whole year in an Aviary outside at 3 x 1 x 2 meter vith entry to house room at 175 x 0,75 x 0,75 m. and wamr in the coldest time ?
    Hope you can help, many people says that it´s a must to seperate the birds, - but I dont want to to do it, if its okay not to do it ;)

    Best regards
    John Vestergaard

  2. Hi David,

    I have a Shama couple that im not sure what to do with. The female keeps pumping out eggs but there never fertile. She has laid eggs(2-3 eggs each time) 3 times and every time all are not fertile. Obviously the female is ready because she is laying eggs so I assume the male is not fertile. Should I bump up the vitamins ? Any other suggestions ?


  3. hello I am new to the shama world and I just bought my first pair of shama last week very young I still handfeed the when are they going to start molting and breeding please let me know thanks