Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This is DDS263 - a female shama that I bred in April this year from Flame.  It was acquired by Somchai's friend from Jeffrey Low when it was a taimong (juvenile).

After Somchai's friend had kept it for sometime, Somchai had sent a photo of the bird to Jeff that showed the bird in the beginning of its molt.  It seemed to Jeff from the photo that the bird was not in the best condition for its molt and Jeff had suggested to Somchai that his friend change the bird's dry food to the one that Jeff is using.

Somchai sent me the photo yesterday of the bird showing the result of having been fed on JL's Power Shama Food throughout most of the molt.

Somchai commented that he did no know if the bird had fully completed its molt or if the tails are still growing.  He felt that if the bird had been fed on Jeff's food in preparation for the molt, the tails might well have grown longer. However, his friend is well satisfied with the bird and its breeding potential.

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