Friday, October 3, 2014

Female juvenile & Sting

This is Ballet Dancer's daughter that I bred earlier this year.  It is presently less than 4 months old and still a "baby" as can be seen from the sides of its beak. It is fed on Jeffrey's shama food.

It has completed its body molt but the tails still have much growth left. I would regard the molt so far as "perfect". Just see the alert expression in its eyes and the slightly raised white rump feathers of this very young bird. The good fortune to get birds like this bode well for the future of my captive shama breeding.

The photographs below are of Sting that I took last night.  The photos were taken under fluorescent lighting so they are not very good.  I had transferred him from the breeding aviary to a cage as my neighbour is carrying out renovations and the noise had upset the pair.  He was feeling exuberant so I took the photos to record his displays.

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